Needs of the Classroom

Music is always in need of supplies that you may have around your home. We use these supplies to make instruments! Bring these items to the music room whenever you can, throughout the year. 

-Many thanks!

Empty paper towel and toilet paper tubes

Uncooked Rice and Paper Plates


General Supplies:

We were able to successfully purchase all items from our classroom wish list last school year. We were also able to repair some of our school string instruments! Thank you to those that purchased items and to all families who helped raise funds through our Chipotle Choir and String Night. 

To help us this year, please keep a lookout for information on our next Choir and String fundraiser nights. This money will be used for any music needs that may arise. You can also CLICK HERE to take a look at this year's wish list!

Song Garden Project:

I love incorporating other subject areas into our musical learning. In this project, each grade level will learn how to read the notes of the staff. We will read a book called The Song Garden and learn about plants and gardening. We have been awarded a grant for over $700 to cover all our gardening and project supplies!

 (All Grades during 3rd and 4th 9-weeks)