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MRs. NEsmith’s
Favorite things...

COLOR: Periwinkle, Sea Green, Melon
FOOD: Lo Mein, Wings, Tacos, Fries
DRINK: Coke Zero, Boba Tea, Big Red, Sonic Slushies
BAND: Mana
SHOWS: All anime including DBZ, Sailor Moon, Naruto and all Studio Ghibli films,
CANDY: all the candy :P
BOOK: all fiction books
STORE: Box Lunch, Target, Amazon
HOLIDAY: Halloween
DESSERT: Cookies n Cream Ice Cream, Peach Cobbler from Bill Millers, Banana Pudding from Smokey Moe's, Cheesecake
FRUIT: All fruits but especially Mango
FAST FOOD: Chipotle, Whataburger, Burger Boy, McDonalds 
FLOWER: Mini Yellow Roses
RESTAURANT: Salt Grass, Pluckers, Torchy's, Wing Stop, Lin's